In a nutshell...My name is Tosha Wise. I am many things: mother, artist, wife, gardener, avid reader, and owner of 12 chickens. Home is a small town; if you blink you might miss while driving through. My two boys and husband keep life interesting and ground me.  My roots are firmly planted on the prairie.   I glean all my inspiration from the landscape, native flora/fauna, agriculture, and the people that make up this community.

I have been making art since I can remember, but I launched my studio in 2016.  My days have been full of commissions and my own work.  The mediums I use are colored pencil and charcoal.  Colored pencil is controlled/detail oriented and charcoal work is free/dramatic.  

Leather tooling is my newest passion. Taking raw material and transforming it with line, depth, texture, and color/dye is fascinating and addicting.  I am eagerly looking forward to the new year and pushing this craft with more designs and products.  

Everyday I wake up with the intent to seek out the the subtle beauty of the plains.  My hope is the marks I make on paper and pounded leather reflect this vision.